a gal pal making cents

This post is a lot of words, and almost no photos… but I wanted to share a blog post (keep reading, I’ll share it with you in a paragraph or two) by a special little lady who I’ve been following since her brother and sister-in-law (the fantastic Parsons) photographed our wedding back in 2009. A few years later I took it to another (somewhat creepy) level when I decided to message Annie and see if she’d like to meet up while I was in Denver visiting my dear friend, Paul.  Ok, here’s a photo of Paul and I during that Denver visit, just because he’s cute and I really miss him. And come to think of it, Paul and I are financial kindred spirits and have sent many an email back and forth discussing our money. IMG_4302FORTUNATELY, Annie was not creeped out at all and met us for a drink and some laughs. What a gal, that Annie P.

So I haven’t received her permission to post her pic…. BUT I think it’s safe to share her blog with you. Her writing style is on point and I relate to EVERY WORD she writes. I mean, the girl can put words on paper like none other.  I mean, she wrote a song for Larabar (the maker of the most delicious and wholesome bars on the market) that they loved so much they were all like, “girl, you gotta work here”. Hootenannie makes things happen all the while being friendly, genuine and fabulous on a budget. I am straight up gushing and I ain’t ashamed.

Why am I bringing up Annie Parsons? Well, because this morning she posted a blog all her finances and being thrifty and my financiallovingmoneytalking self was compelled to share it. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a Dave Ramsey fan and I was raised by the original Dave Ramsey, Harpo Jones. I thoroughly enjoy talking about and putting our money to work. I’ve had several friends and family ask me about being debt free and our financial mindset. I’m not going to bother sharing that here, because Annie did it for me on her blog. Please read it if you are at all curious about money-money-MO-NEY and a life of financial FREEDOM. giphy-3Living below your means may seem like unbearable existence, but I’m telling you for a fact, it is NOT. We used to have FOMO and torture ourselves thinking, “well if we don’t go on this trip or try out this restaurant then our lives will be lacking and incomplete.”  NOT TRUE. Because when da $$ in da bank, you have no worries.

We did not always have this mindset. One year in to our marriage, Dean lost his job. It was completely devastating and we were totally panicked. Living on one paycheck? IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? I’ll tell you that YES, IT IS. This unfortunate situation donkey-kicked us in to a harsh financial reality and we got REAL, real quick, with our money. We learned to live on one paycheck and budget like our lives depended on it. Dean was unemployed for 10 long months. I’m not trying to get all cheesey or emotional on you, but we learned A LOT in those 10 months. And honestly, we wouldn’t change a thing. I cringe to think about how we were with our money before he lost his job. Hell, I cringe to think what we would be like today if we had not had that life lesson. That blessing in disguise light a fire under our asses to get out of debt and save to make sure we always have an emergency fund. Over the past five years we’ve HAPPILY lived below our means and been able to do things with our money we never thought possible. Shockingly enough, our lives have not suffered one bit.

So, thank you Annie P./Hootenannie for that little read this morning and for all the other reads you share! Keep on, keepin’ on, my gal pal.

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    I’m grateful for our not one but TWO get-togethers in Denver, and can only hope for more Kim in my life. Financial peace forever, sister.


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