…. and August

In August, I….

  • spent a hot and happy weekend in Dallas, TX (aka THE SURFACE OF THE SUN) with my D-town cousins. Fortunately, there was a pool and drinks and air conditioning and the newest addition to the Koestner family – Charlie. Calling all child model agencies, get this kid’s face on TV because daannnggg, he cute;

    photo courtesy of earth angel Lauren P-hizzle @lkphilips
    photo courtesy of earth angel Lauren P-hizzle @lkphilips
  • convinced CJ and Dean to roll with me on the deck project;
  • learned how to use a pressure washer which I unleashed on our furry green fence (will share more of this hose down in a future post); IMG_4051
  • read “Landline” by Rainbow Rowell (I do not recommend because the writing was dull and the plot was lame) and “Self Help” by Lorrie Moore (which I DO recommend but I feel I should tell you that the short stories in this book are somber and downers – just so you are in the right frame of mind if you try it out);
  •  gutted our hall bathroom with the help of Harpo, CJ, and Uncle Denny, because one huge project just didn’t seem like enough for the month (and yes, yes a full post of this project to come, my little darlings); IMG_4168
  • cheated on Trader Joe’s after I discovered a new grocery store in our ‘hood, called Lucky’s (soooo many inappropriate jokes going through my head). I mean, every time I go there I get Lucky. It’s a guarantee. IMG_4119Example: the first time I walked in I saw green peppers “5 for $1” WHAT?! Yes – and here’s the proof:IMG_4120And then the crowd parted and I locked eyes on the CANDY SECTION (my candy-loving aunt Camille would be in heaven if she saw this place). Years ago I went to the Jersey shore with my college friends and I bought, literally, 2 lbs of saltwater taffy. IMG_4121I scaled back on taffy and hit up the sour patch kids and gummy bears…HARD. I can’t even explain to you how good these gummy bears are. I couldn’t fill the bag full enough. Have you ever seen a $10 bag of gummy bears? It kind of looked like that 2 lb bag of legit Jersey shore taffy. I thought about asking what the entire barrel costs. Dean and I can kill a bag of these bears in a disgusting, but impressive, amount of time. IMG_4122
  • started the new gig at Wells Fargo and it’s going well. I’ve made some friends and Dean occasionally lets me catch a ride with him… which means I can relax with my coffee and snapchat on the commute. OR catch another 15 minutes of shut-eye. Ahhhhh yeahhhhh.

So that’s August 2015 in bulleted format. aannnddddd, I’m already halfway through September. Well, my friends, as my buddy Rust, said, “Time is a flat circle.” giphy-2

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