recalling July…

You may have noticed I haven’t been blogging regularly…. or not at all. One might say I kind of gave myself the summer off. I’ve also been told that I am “slacking on snapchat”. Well, my friends, I’ve been busy. Doing what?

Great question.

WTF have I been doing? It’s September 10th for God’s sake and I feel like I blacked out during July and August. This seems as good as place as any to jog my memory…

In JULY, I….

  • watched my nephews light fireworks and not lose any fingers or eyes IMG_4276
  • watched my cousin (who is in his 30’s) almost nail his kid in the face with a bottle rocket… right after we told the children to BE CAREFUL WITH THE BOTTLE ROCKETS. It was honestly hilarious and we laughed our A’s off (because no one got hurt so it’s okay to laugh);
  • tried a (new to us) restaurant in St. Louis and I’m still thinking about the delicious drinks the bartender whipped up;
  • tried a (new to St. Louis) restaurant and I’m still thinking about the sweet breads and the arepas;
  • welcomed a new nephew in to the family (oh hey there Oliver Dean);IMG_4277
  • soaked up the sun and relaxed at the lake with Dean’s family (thank you Leanna and Vernon!!). I also confirmed that I, at 31 years of age, still cannot jump in to water without holding my nose or else water shoots up my nose in to my brain and then I stress about brain-eating amoebas for days;
  • saw the boys in blue play a make up game in St. Louis with the cousin crew;IMG_4279
  • was cheered up by a street drummer after the Royals lost 
  • admired the Buck Moon on 7/1 and the Blue Moon on 7/31 whilst sipping cold brews on our deck;
  • creepily took photos out of our bedroom window of the retaining wall our neighbors built off the south side of our house – and damn they did a fine job;

    and after!
    and after!
  • faced my fears and hosted a gal’s night at our house during which I ate, drank and laughed until 1:30AM;
  • seriously regretted the drinking part of said ‘girl’s night’ the next morning when I, most unfortunately, had to teach spinning class at 9:30AM (I survived, BARELY);
  • spent the remainder of that day on the couch watching Orange Is the New Black Season 2, which exceeded my expectations (why are season 2’s never as good as I hope them to be? ahem, True Detective) and I recommend;
  • went on a hot & sweaty hike with the dog pack on Harpo and Uncle Denny’s land (not sure that’s mud that Mo’ is standing in). I also found a tick attached to me after this hike and then stressed about Lyme’s disease for about a month;IMG_4103 IMG_4104
  • oh, and I put in two weeks notice at work and accepted a job at Wells Fargo.

I’m sure I’m leaving a few things out because my life is so interesting and full of adventure. But I’d say that about sums July up more or less.

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