technical pity party

If a lap top is six years old in human years, how old is it in computer years? This is not a joke. I have no punch line. I’m genuinely curious. Computers age faster than dogs.  Although I have gotten more years out of this one than any Dell I previously owned. 

Tough to blog when the Mac takes ONE MILLION YEARS to wake up. It’s like trying to wake my brother up and get him to do manual labor. It DOES NOT happen. Then, once awake, I am taunted by the little spinning rainbow circle. If that thing made sound it would sound like a cartoon chipmunk laughing its’ happy ass off. I lack the patience to deal. Period. And NO I’m not proud of myself but I CANNOT BLOG LIKE THIS. 

So in the mean time I’ll be blogging from my iPhone. Wah wah first world problems. 

And on that note…. my thumbs are barkin’ at me. And that little spinning color wheel is saying “Ha good luck typing with your man hands on this tiny keyboard Kim!” 

My friend Taylor (@taylortholen) posted this quote and it seems fitting for this post:


Poor Dean.

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