’twas a gal weekend

pizza + adult beverage + tv + asleep by 10PM = my kinda Friday night

After five days at the cube farm this 44-year-old lady is spent. Rarely do I agree to leave the comforting embrace of my couch on a Friday night to go through the torture of picking out another outfit and enter a social setting for the second time that day. I am required to interact with humans for forty plus hours in corporate America. I like my coworkers and all, but a girl has got to have some peace and quiet. Kim time is crucial to my mental and emotional (not so much physical) well-being. Come Friday night, the only interaction I welcome is with a large pizza and a cold beverage. tumblr_mlsndz3cOU1r90ooxo1_500Well when your good friend (who you also work with) invites you to her house to hang out with some chill gals while share similar interests in pizza, yoga pants and adult beverages, then I like to make an exception to my Friday night routine.

Lauren is my dear gal pal and she invited a posse of ladies over to her house to indulge in food and drink. There were donuts (it was National Donut Day after all), the most delicious mini sandwiches, salsa, and drinks galore. It was heavenly. IMG_3665

Noelle, Caitlin, Lauren, Emily, and Maria – I thank you all for getting me off the couch. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. I can’t share everything that had us cry-laughing, but I will say it all started with scoliosis and head lice examinations in elementary school. Just bring those up next time you are hanging out with your friends and get their reactions because I promise you it will be funny. Especially if one of the reactions is, in all seriousness, “I LOVED scoliosis exam day because I couldn’t wait to get a back rub. And head lice day was even better because the nurse played with your hair and massaged your scalp.” I’d say that’s when I lost it… the first time.  IMG_3670My social calendar was stacked last weekend. My precious friend Michelle got married last Saturday. I met Michelle right after college while working in public accounting and have always been amazed by how nice she always is. Seriously, she’s so genuinely kind. I am not as nice as she is but she has always been a good role model for me.

I was pretty lucky right out of college. I got to live and work with my very good friend Kate and then we met Kassy, Michelle and Kristin at work. When you work long public accounting hours, it’s nice to have a group like this that you can vent and laugh with (over drinks).

IMG_3684To round out the weekend, Dean and I cheered on my cousin Kloee and her team playing for the State Cup. This kid is good. Dean does not willingly watch girls sports… but he will watch Kloee (and her older sister Kylin) play. They are that good. I’ve NEVER been that good at a sport. God help our daughter (if we have one) because if she is cursed with my athletic inabilities and non-existent competitiveness, Dean will probably be on Twitter during all her games.

Great wins Kloee – we are stoked for you and Kylin to go to Regionals! I am so happy with how my hair looks in this photo. IMG_3692

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