Recently, while unloading the dishwasher and putting glasses away, Dean made a passive comment about the number of stemless wine and champagne glasses we own. I’m not exactly sure what he said because I did my best to tune him out, but it was something like “You know, you never use those stemless champagne glasses that you just had to register for.” Why, yes, I DID have to register for those Dean. My god, what do you expect us to drink of out when we have champagne?! Which we drink ALL THE TIME! A glass?!

Truthfully, I had no comeback for him…. because he was right. Over five and a half years of marriage I think I’ve used those stemless wine glasses maybe three times. All 12 of those poor little darlings sit on the upper shelf feeling neglected and useless. Such a crime.

So what does one do when one has stemless champagne flutes to drinketh from? Why, one buys champagne of course! My oh my does mama love her bubbles in the heat of the summer! Oh indeed, I enjoy a dry and refreshing glass of bubbly. I went to the Wine and Cheese Place (several locations – but I went to the one on Manchester Rd) and bought a bottle of sparkling rosé.

I poured myself a very full glass, like obnoxiously full, in said champagne flute and made sure Dean saw me sip every last drop. You best believe I’m going to be using those glasses on the regular. I’ll use them for water if I have to. IMG_3699

It may surprise you, but I’m no sommelier. I feel overwhelmed when picking out wines so I always ask for help at the Wine and Cheese Place or wherever I am buying. I tell them what I like and what I’m willing to spend and they take it from there. I did not need help picking out the above sparkling though because, thanks to Dr. Kate, I’ve actually been to this winery before. For her bachelorette weekend we drank many a bottle of Chandon. And Dr. Kate says it is good for your health, so drink up!
IMG_0064When I asked for a crisp white under $10, the fine gentleman at Wine and Cheese Place pointed me to Acrobat Pinot Gris. If you are 31-years-old going on 80, then add a splash of sparkling water and, friend, you can take down this entire bottle. Or if you are blessed with a higher tolerance (good for you) then by all means, please skip the water part. Or maybe show some self-control and just have one glass. Though, that may be difficult because this bottle is so light and refreshing. And BONUS – it’s a twist cap. What can I say? I’m a simple gal. Also, the less cork the better because I already have to take bags of corks (amongst other non-wine-related items) to Whole Foods for recycle.

I tried this rose (non-sparkling) from Trader Joe’s and ’twas crisp and refreshing. I’m a sucker for anything Spanish. Plus the happy helper at TJ’s (ALL TJ’s employees are so freaking happy I want to join their club and drink their kool-aid) told me it was good. He was oh so right.


Think it’s safe to say I’ll be using all the stemless glassware in the cabinet this summer.

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