gal reads and sees

gal reads

01_AmyPoehlerLaughingTook me a while, but I finally finished reading “Yes, Please” by a true gal’s gal, Amy Poehler. I love that Amy writes the way she talks because, even though I’m not a famous kick-ass comedian, I could relate to her. She makes you feel like you are at happy hour together and you’ve had just enough wine to let your guard down and get real with each other. Her message throughout the book – gals should support their gal pals. Less jealousy and judgement. More high-fives and understanding. Amy talks the talk and walks the walk. She brought Ilana and Abbi in to my life and I THANK HER for this. Read this because it will make you love her even more. Get yourself a glass of wine and have yourself some one one one time with Amy.

gal sees

I must see this movie when it comes out. I have no other words to express my excitement about the promise of Kristen Wiig entertaining me.

Speaking of funny ladies named Amy, I have been watching the new season of “Inside Amy Schumer” and I cry-laugh every single week. There are too many hilarious skits to pick just one, but I totally lost it when I saw “Milk Milk Lemonade” because I’m extremely mature.


photo sources: Amy PoehlerAmy Schumer

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