buried treasure

I’m not very good at using cardinal directions, but I can tell you that the north side of our house was hurtin’ for certain when we moved in. Please direct your attention to the pile of rocks in the photo below. IMG_1513What a dump. That photo was taken last summer the day the trees came down. OK, now you see that green drain pipe coming off the gutter? Next to that was this wasteland:IMG_1495While hacking our way through the backyard we uncovered MANY perfectly good landscaping stones. Since we are “visual learners” here’s a picture of said stones in our back yard (pre tree cutting). Though, those were just the stones on the surface. But, my friend, nothing is as it seems.  IMG_1488

A little more digging and well, well, well, what do we have here? Seems that we hit the landscaping stone MOTHER LOAD. We kept digging and unearthed tons of these stones…. all covered by the sands of time. What does one do with hundreds of flagstone and limestone?

IMG_3502One fine autumn day, I was staring at that pile of rocks by the driveway contemplating what to do with it. Actually, it was around the finest day of the year… October 19th. My b-dizzle fo-shizzle. My birthday. Which meant that I could play the “birthday card” to guilt Dean in to helping me build a retaining wall.

So as Harpo would say, “Tear in to it, buddy.” And indeed we did. We dug it out, leveled it and started stacking stones to build a wall.


While we were at it, we tackled the upper area too. I mean, we had enough stones to build a freaking fortress so we figured why the hell not. I just want to make a note that Dean did not do all the digging. But we only had one shovel (donation from Harpo’s barn) and we were too cheap to buy another one. And someone had to take pictures…

Digging was a CHORE. Most of the trees in this area had been cut down but the tree’s roots were still thick as thieves. Good thing I practiced stabbing with a screwdriver to protect myself. Because I went all Alfred Hitchcock “Psycho” on those roots.IMG_1497

As of last October here’s where we left off….


We had to buy a pile of dirt to backfill the upper section. IMG_3509

But last Saturday morning CJ told me we were finishing this bad boy up. To which I said, “Yeah, um, we’ll get to that. But it’s probably going to rain, and I might melt so we can’t have that happen.” CJ can smell hesitation and she cracked that whip like the whip-cracker she is. Rain, heat and 100% humidity be damned. CJ was finishing that wall.IMG_3936

Basically, bossy pants said “Kim, pick up that stone. Kim, put that stone here.” And I did as I was told and KA-POW! Well, looky here folks, this little area cleaned up quite nicely. The goal was to continue the wall to curve up the driveway. I’d say “mission accomplished”, people. It’s a tad wonky, but I’ll fix that…. at a later date. IMG_3924

Aunt Jane and Uncle John arrived mid-build to help us finish it out. We had to make a run to Home Depot for weed blocking fabric, gravel and dirt. Other than that, the rocks and the hosta plants were all found in our yard. Not too shabby.

How about that? Two free retaining walls all dug out of our backyard. Wonder what else we’ll find back there. I’m crossing my fingers for gold or oil.

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