house party

Last week we celebrated our one year anniversary of moving in to our house. We hosted a huge party with tons of friends. I cleaned, decorated and cooked lots of delicious dishes. I even baked a cake.

PSYCH. We did not have a party and I definitely did not clean, let alone host. We did have a few drinks, but that was a normal Thursday night for us.

So, that’s 365 days of (partial) home ownership down, 5,110 to go. Wah, wah. I have a hard time saying we own this little piece of real estate since it feels like we basically owe the bank both of our kidneys (well I only have one to give so Dean is on the hook there), our livers, hearts and whatever other valuable organs we have that would fetch a fair price on the black market.

Since hosting parties gives me anxiety and we’ve had very few visitors over in the past year, I’ll share some before and afters. Posting pictures of your home on the internet isn’t weird, is it?! Yeah, it kind of is… but again, let’s be real here, there are about 20 people reading this blog on any given day and 18 of them are my family members. I think it will be ok.

So come on in stranger! Consider this a house-warming party. We’ll start with the front area of the hiz-ouse. When we moved in the main living area looked like it had jaundice. The walls were painted a sickly, pale yellow.

Front entrance and living room before

We painted the walls grey (Silver Chain by Benjamin Moore). Lucky for us, my mom and cousin Lexi helped with the painting. CJ is a master at painting the trim. This (terrible) picture was taken after we finished painting. I spray painted the brass fireplace cover with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze. CJ said it would turn out terribly so, being the good daughter I am, I did not listen to her and spray-painted away. You would never know the fireplace cover was brass. Note: this is ONE instance of a hundred where it was wise to not listen to CJ. whew, I got lucky. IMG_1141

Here’s a slightly better photo so you can better see the grey color. I found the dining room table and chairs on Craigslist and was the first to contact the seller. He told me that he had people calling him offering him DOUBLE what he was asking for the set. To which I said “Well too bad, so sad, buddy. We have a deal.” Honestly, I was planning on trying to negotiate with him, but once he told me that I knew it was game over. IMG_2786

I recovered the seats of the chairs with new fabric. IMG_1147Besides the living and dining areas, we also have a small room to the right of the front door, which turned in to Dean’s office/hiding place. Before, the walls were blood red in a striped pattern. GetMedia.ashxThen I saw this photo on Pinterest and I was all ABOUT copying this look. So this is the blogger’s office…. IMG_1121… and here is Dean’s office. uh, NAILED IT. IMG_3870

Dean has a pretty sweet set up. I would be jealous except I do not need, nor do I want, a home office. I prefer to blog on the couch and be closer to the tv. Which is why it takes me hours to type a blog post. Harpo is constantly giving me unsolicited advice on avoiding distractions. While I was studying for the CPA exam I think he told me, “FOCUS GRASSHOPPER” about 3,000 times. Why am I a grasshopper? I don’t know – maybe he’s on to something. IMG_3863And Dean just adores the little hooks and instagram photo collage I hung for him. Side note, I don’t think that KC Royals hat has been washed in the past year. It’s a lucky hat and so washing it would clearly compromise the Royals season. When I took this pic, I moved the hat to the lower hook and the hat was dampIMG_3865

So now you’ve seen most of the main floor of our house in a series of very bad photos taken on my iPhone. That should entice you to come back tomorrow so see what randomness I’ll write about, right?

6 thoughts on “house party

  1. Everything looks so so good! It seriously took us eight years to make our house look half as good as yours. You guys get after it!! Hopefully we can see it in person sooooon.


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