I mentioned our backyard looked like a wild jungle when we moved in. The front yard wasn’t much better. This photo shows you the madness that was going on in the front. And that little red dot is my Uncle John clearing out brush like a BOSS.

IMG_1292See that tree in the front corner? Well, as of last August, IT GONE. IMG_1515The space where that tree lived (RIP tree) has remained empty since that day…. until last weekend when I finally got around to cleaning it up. Here’s what I was working against.

Have you ever tried to rid your yard of ivy? HA, that’s a trick question! You cannot get rid of ivy. It is IMPOSSIBLE. I have never hated a plant more in my life. It is the herpes of plants. You cannot get rid of it. You do your best to make it go away, but at any moment it can flare up and spread like wild fire.

So I went to battle against the ivy in this small, sorry looking patch. It is currently Tuesday night and my hamstrings are strung so tight I can hardly straighten my legs. Why? Because I was playing tug of war with ivy rooted down to the depths of hell. Little did the ivy know that I have hands the size of grizzly bear paws and the tenacity of Harpo Jones. IVY CAN’T BRING ME DOWN. You probably heard about the “big fight” this past weekend. Um, yeah, it was KIM VS. IVY and guess who won?

Well, here I am dominating the dirt patch so I’ll let you draw your own conclusion. I was feeling mad mad mad…. and oh-so-incredibly sore and tired.

IMG_3832We built the stone back up and I planted a wildflower mix that promises to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to our yard. Our yard will be the hottest spot in the ‘hood to get yo nectar fix on. IMG_3820To further entice my winged friends to frequent our yard I planted a bright yellow mix of dahlias and marigolds in our two planters. I have hard time buying annuals because I know they are going to die come fall (or sooner because I tend to kill flowers). Oh well, it’s pretty for the moment. IMG_3821After all that hard work and sweat, it was time for a Stiegl radler, which I like to refer to as “the yard-working” beer. It tastes so good you forget the fact that your muscles are going to make you pay for the hours of yard work. Especially after two… IMG_3827Pair this with a fat, juicy cheeseburger grilled on the Weber and your pain will be forgotten. Dinner of yard-working champions.

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