what’s my age?

I was recently introduced to how-old.net. I uploaded a picture thinking this should be interesting…and by “interesting” I mean I totally thought how-old.net would say “Kim, you look 25!” Unfortunately, how-old.net took one look at my photo and said, “Dang girl, you 44!”. WTF was my exact reaction. I used the picture from this blog, which I took in my dining room with terrible lighting. So I blamed it on the lighting and tried another picture… to which how-old.net laughed and gave me a pity-guess of 38. What the what?! I was actually glad that the second guess was in current age’s decade.


I was also glad it knew I was a female. Back in my high school days I rocked the boy look. So much so, that I was asked to play a lead male role in the “Music Man” when I was 14. Wow, I’ve come a long ways since then. Which got me thinking about my daily maintenance routine. I wouldn’t call this a “beauty” routine, but here’s what I use on a daily basis to get myself to a presentable state. Maybe though I should be calling this post “What products will age you 13 years”.

I’ll start with my face first… since we’ve honed in on that thanks to the above selfie. I wash with Cetaphil, the most basic face wash you can get. No sense posting a photo of that, but after Cetaphil I use this toner. I first heard about this stuff watching an interview with Jenny-from-the-block (aka Jennifer Lopez). She has the most amazing skin, and I think she really is 44. Actually, she’s 45. I just started using this stuff about a month ago, so maybe there’s hope for me.

IMG_3788My hair has come a long way from the “mom cut” I used to rock in high school and college. My hairdresser Dan is fantastic and if you live in St. Louis, I highly recommend him. He is a master with hair color and his cuts are on point. My cousin, Lauren (remember from the Linda adventures?), is also a hair magician and she gives me tips/tricks on the reg. Between Dan and Lauren, I feel like I can safely say I’ll never go back to the boy/mom cut. Mostly because they will not allow it. IMG_3786After a hair washing, I use Aveda Color Conserve because I am waging a war on the grey poisoning my precious strands. My mom has gorgeous white hair that I PRAY I will be blessed with because I know it’s coming. I’ve had a solid grey presence since I was about 25 and my superficial self is worried that I’ll be cursed with a mousey grey that will age me…. yes, I’m aware how hilarious that statement is. After the Color Conserve I use the Biosilk to get my locks silky-smooth. Reminds me when I was a kid I used to douse my hair in de-tangler spray because at the age of 7 there was nothing worse than combing a rat’s nest (who came up with that term?) out of your hair. Finally, I mist with the L’Oreal texture spray to get some waves. I just found this at Walgreen’s and I love it. I use a flat-iron almost daily, so I spray Joico IronClad on first so I don’t fry my hair.

Finally, I paint my face with a lineup of Trish McEvoy products. I love the eye base essential for my eye lids and the flawless concealer pen for under eyes. These are my must-haves for looking awake in the morning. Especially after staying up til 11pm writing this blog on a work night (this old lady needs her solid eight hours). The things I sacrifice for my 10 followers! The tinted moisturizer goes on last to blend it all together. I like the moisturizer, but I could live without it. I’ve found equally satisfying products at the drug store (like this Almay foundation). The mascara is awesome. It coats perfectly and washes off so easily. I’ve tried cheaper mascara before and I hate when it will not wash off…. like my eyelashes have been permanently dyed.

IMG_3791So there you have it – my bag of tricks I use to trick people in to thinking I’m 31, when I’m really 44. Or maybe I’m 50?

I so wish how-old.net had told me I was FIFTY YEARS OLD!

4 thoughts on “what’s my age?

  1. hehehe…mine said i was 60 and that was with no make up this morning. i will try it with makeup later…it will probably tell me i am 75!


    1. Lexi and Sarah were in the 21-24 range! And Anne actually got 12 on one picture! We were all cracking up texting about this last Friday. Too funny!


  2. this time i smiled and had my glasses on….you know they say you look younger when you smile. it says i was 88!!!! i love this !


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