daily dress stress

Every morning I stand in my closet and stare at my “work clothes”, wondering what to wear. I’ve mentioned my indecisiveness. And, my oh my, is it ever-so-present at 7AM when I’m deciding what to wear to work. I think about the meetings I have that day. I think about the weather. I try to remember what I’ve worn recently so I don’t wear it again too soon (God forbid). Some (most) of my pants are wrinkled and some sweaters have holes in the elbows (which I always discover after someone points this out to me). Dress or pants? Depends… have I shaved my legs? Before I know it, 20 minutes have gone by and I’m still in my pajamas feeling defeated and a little like this… tumblr_lgt625BSpr1qeolcio1_500

I’ve always loathed the morning task of deciding what to wear. In middle school and high school I wished I had a school uniform. Do you know how much time that would have freed up in my mornings?! I could have slept another 20 minutes… got a better parking spot at school…. or, most importantly, had the first pick of donuts at Casey’s General Store. Almost every morning I stopped at Casey’s General Store (which was literally next door) to pick up the most healthy and delicious breakfast fit for a champion like myself, which was a chocolate cake donut with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles. In the five minute drive to my high school I scarfed that donut and quenched my thirst with a 1/2 pint of chocolate milk. Cake donuts can really make you thirsty. The pickings are slim later in the morning at Casey’s, so you have to get there early. Though at one point a rumor was spread that someone saw a dead mouse in the donut case, so after that there were always donuts when I showed up. I never believed that rumor (well I chose not to believe it). Maybe I started it so people would stop taking all the chocolate donuts?

Mornings would go so much more smoothly if I did not have to think about what to wear. So when I read this article, I was intrigued. This woman, Matilda Kahl, has worn the same shirt (she has 15 of the same shirt) and pants (she has 3) for the past three years. Some would say, “girl you cra.” I say, “girl, you are a GENIUS.” Matilda wrote,

“To state the obvious, a work uniform is not an original idea. There’s a group of people that have embraced this way of dressing for years—they call it a suit. For men, it’s a very common approach, even mandatory in most professions.”

Why didn’t I think of this? It has got me thinking I should be more strategic when I purchase work clothes. Do I need that dress with the fun print/pattern? Or should I just stick with the same 5 pairs of pants, 2 skirts and 10 shirts? This simplification is very appealing.

Matilda also mentions this article “Why Successful Men Wear the Same Thing Every Day” and when asked about deciding on clothing every day, Mark Zuckerberg said, “I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community,” he said.” RIGHT ON, Mark. RIGHT ON.

I am seriously leaning towards committing to this simplified lifestyle. I figured over the next few months I find a pair of pants and a shirt I like, wait for a good sale and then buy in bulk. I would be down for variation in color – grey and black pants (maybe even a skirt) with a white or blue shirt. Sticking with the same style and color palette means every piece goes together. No thought required.

I mean, look at this chick. She probably wears this to her 8-to-5 corporate job every day of the week. See how chill she is? All because she put zero effort in to her outfit.


If you have any suggestions on shirts or pants – please do share!

5 thoughts on “daily dress stress

  1. I literally loled at your J.Crew model picture being chill as all get out.

    Dude, I pretty much only buy white, black and gray (and mostly black if we’re being honest). Things go together so much easier, plus, color gives me anxiety. And let’s be real, we work in a field with like 10:1 guy/girl ratio: they don’t notice what we wear.

    I only own one pair of black pants. They’re $20 from Target and I love them. Boom, donezo.


    1. We are on the same page in the same book girl! I found classic black suit pants from jcrew factory and stocked up. I’ll keep an eye out at Target! My coworkers are going to think I never do laundry but oh well! Maybe I’ll be at work by 8am?! I wish my office was more casual like Wells. I’m always so jealous of Dean when he wears jeans on Friday!


  2. You know, I always thought we were complete opposites because you like to dance and I don’t. But this post, this post makes me think we were meant to be in the same family. That, and we both love Birks and Outbacks. You should see my closet. The same exact shirt in eight colors, pants and belts and shoes, same thing. I thought I was the only one!


    1. Haha some day I may get you to dance. Until that day, cheers to us and all the other gals who embrace a simple approach to life and less decisions to make!


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