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Let me fill you in on what I’ve been packing for lunch. HOW INTERESTING!! TELL ME MORE! Even as I type this I’m laughing at myself because I feel ridiculous writing about my lunch. But, the audience makes requests and I must deliver. I’ll admit, salad for lunch is not appealing to everyone. It’s one of those foods that people wished they liked more, but just cannot stomach the idea of choosing to eat grass instead of a buffalo chicken sandwich, or cheese, or pizza, ANYTHING BUT VEGETABLES. I used to feel the same way. Salad for lunch? HA that is NOT going to satisfy this ravenous animal!  I need bread, meat, cheese, fat and flavor. But here’s the rundown of what turns me on to a leafy green bed of spinach, kale, spring mix or arugula:

(1) Salad is cheap – every week I buy a bag of the Trader Joe’s Power Greens and that is the canvas on which I create my lunch masterpieces. This bag costs around $3 and I get five salads out of it.


The other ingredients I purchase for the week cost me an average of $10. That’s $13/week. Let’s just round-up and say I spend $15/week for my lunches. I bring my lunch 22 weeks/year (because you better believe I use my four weeks of allotted PTO). MATH TIME: $15/wk * 22 weeks = $330/year. When I first started working in public accounting out of college, I stupidly ate out almost every single day. I was dropping on average $50/wk on lunches. OMG I don’t even want to do this math because it equates to me being a moron with money, but I must because this is for my readers. $50/wk * 22 weeks = $1100/year. If 25-year-old Kim were here I would post a picture of her on all available social media outlets holding a sign that says, “I ATE ELEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. I AM A DUMMY.” #KIMSHAMING (similar to #dogshaming if you have no idea what I am talking about).

(2) “Eat something green” is on my daily unwritten to-do list. I don’t count servings or calories, but I think it’s pretty easy to make yourself eat something green at least once a day. So just eat the salad and then pat yourself on the back for acting like an adult and doing something good for your body.

(3) Most people look at salad and think (in a whiny baby voice), it is so bland. It has no taste. 200-2Well, yes. When you settle for crap, that is what you are gonna get. But have no fear, DJ KIMJBOW is here to share some of her favorite salad RE-MIXES (said in booming DJ voice)!

If there’s anything that I dislike about salad it’s when you have to corral a giant green leaf in to your mouth. The dressing gets all over your face and then I just want throw the fork and flip the table. I take matters in to my own hands and remove that aggravation by chopping it to smithereens. I pile a handful of lettuce and a green vegetable on a cutting board and go at it with my chef knife. No method, just madness. Takes about 10 seconds and then I scoop the mix in to my favorite lunch container. For real, this salad container is da bomb. You can buy it from Tupperware sales people but I found it on Amazon too. It has a fork and knife and a little cup for your dressing. I own two of them and it is probably one of the most used things in our kitchen. (Side story) I’ve come a long ways since my high school days when I used to pack my lunch in a giant metal lunchbox. It looked exactly like this, which I found on a metal fabricator website. That’s how legit this thing was. This lunchbox would probably be considered a weapon and banned in today’s schools. I thought it was completely normal to carry my lunch in the same massive metal box that blue collar construction workers carry. A high school cafeteria can be just as dangerous as a construction site. No one was gonna mess with me while I was lugging this bad boy around.

6.5 W x 14L

Now, here are a few combinations I created and took pictures of during my lunch break (and got a few strange looks from other employees):

(1)    Brussel sprouts, baked or grilled chicken breast topped with TJ’s Organic Sriracha and Roasted Garlic BBQ Sauce and an avocadoIMG_3607

(2)    Any colored bell pepper, TJ’s cowboy caviar salsa (this acts as the dressing but it has all sorts of good stuff in it), and shredded cheese. This cowboy caviar is one of my FAVORITE products at TJ’s. IMG_3540

(3)    Broccoli, a pear, and TJ’s champagne pear vinaigrette

(4)    Your leftovers! Example – I mixed the left over taco bowl with the greens. Reheat the leftovers and BOOM you just RE-MIXED that saladIMG_3624

The list goes on and on – but you get the point. So put yourself out there and see if you and salad have a true connection. Unless you just absolutely hate vegetables, which in that case you need to suck it up or go see a therapist or something. The greens are good for your health. Is it going to kill you to have one helping of veggies a day? No. Is it going to kill you to never eat vegetables? Probably. (Don’t quote me on that – I’ll check with Dr. Kate on that).

Tomorrow is Tuesday. On Tuesdays I teach spin class and do my weekly grocery run. I’ve had several people ask me how I keep our grocery bill to around $50 (for the week), so stayed tuned for how it all goes UP on a TUESDAY evening at Trader Joe’s.

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