sun burnt but smiling

Today I was tempted to post a #TBT. A throwback to last weekend when I jet-set off to the sunshine state for some quality friend time with my Facebook wife, Kate. I’m 31 and married to a woman on Facebook. Not just any woman though… she’s a doctor. And she makes me cry-laugh more than anyone I know. When Dean and I got married (and when Kate married Nate) there were questions, “Are you going to change who you’re married to on Facebook?” Oh, no no no. That’s not necessary. Our Facebook Official relationship was established before Facebook even created “likes”. Our FBO relationship will stand the test of time. Also I like to remind Dean he has a lot to live up to – because I could always leave him for a doctor. Actually two doctors because Kate’s husband is also a doctor and 100% I’m positive that he would want me living with them.

Kate lives in Minneapolis. Awesome city but it is a tundra of frozen ice and wind and snow for about 9 months of the year. Every year since she’s lived there she calls me, around February, claiming (in the most dramatic voice you can imagine) she is going to DIE if she doesn’t have a warm beach vacation to look forward to. I don’t blame her. I mean, last Thursday, it snowed in Minneapolis. That’s just cruel. I can’t let my friend suffer like this. I won’t stand for it. So for her well-being (ok yeah it didn’t take much to convince me to go) we picked a weekend, a location and booked flights. By 7pm last Friday night we were sitting at a beach bar called Frenchy’s in Clearwater, FL eating appetizers and drinking white sangria. The white sangria was delicious.

We stayed at the Clearwater Beach Hotel. If you want an inexpensive hotel in a great location, this hotel is perfect. The views weren’t bad either. IMG_3590We stayed in a room on the 5th floor, the penthouse level (no, there was no penthouse at this hotel). As we walked off the elevator and turned to walk to our room we saw a shadow and a man standing on the balcony – we freaked and LOST it. Turns out it was a statue… of a fireman. Normal. We made friends with the fireman. Such a strong presence. IMG_3557There is a statue on each balcony and I’m pretty sure that every guest jumps and says, “what the WHAT?!” amongst other things, when they turn that corner for the first time. The hotel manager has GOT to put go-pro cameras on those statues. If I worked there I would watch the live feed after I check someone in and wait for the laugh. Note to self – email CBH with this suggestion. You can see the other floors had Elvis and Marilyn Monroe… not sure how the fireman fits in with this theme…IMG_3582

The pool was nice and the pool rules kind of reminded me of Sun City – bullet #6 was interesting…. I would love to know the back story as to why that was added. IMG_3581

I have two dream cars that I’d like to own… a VW bus and a subaru outback. Then I saw this green beauty sitting outside the hotel just waiting for me to take him away. Someday, I will be cruisin’ down the road in a green Volkswagen wagon like this one. A car like this builds character. For now I’ll keep driving my Impala with the giant hole in the bumper (that fire hydrant came out of nowhere!) until I own this green dream.

IMG_3577We spent one day on the beach. That’s all we could handle. Kate smartly stayed in the shade while I boldly faced the sun. I figured, I was in Arizona for 7 days, I got this. Um, WRONG. The Florida sun is merciless. It reflects off every surface and makes you regret ever thinking that SPF30 could protect your sorry ass. So yeah, I got GOT. I texted Dean a picture of my extreme sunburn and he said, ” YOU ARE A LOBSTER.” Kate also used SPF50, which good thing I put that on my face or I’d probably have to take PTO for a week. However, she missed the top of her right foot. On Sunday, her foot resembled a cartoon character who just slammed a hammer on his foot. On Monday, she texted me that it had a purple tint. Good thing she’s a doctor married to a doctor. I think she still has her foot.

Until the next girl’s trip I’ll be applying SPF50 and aloe.


5 thoughts on “sun burnt but smiling

  1. Lol. Where’s the part of Marcia and dr Steve??? Or did you just not want to put the name of the bar we were in…


    1. Hahaha I feel badly I didn’t write about our adopted parents! And why did we never got a picture them?! But yeah… Wasn’t sure about the bar name hahahaha


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