I have many years experience living in apartments. Before buying our current house, we rented an apartment for five years in an urban and eclectic neighborhood that had quaint tree-lined streets with older, unique brick homes. We walked to restaurants and bars. There were multiple parks within a two-minute walk where we let Chuck and Bella run wild and free. Yes, there were leash laws. Technically the dog does have a leash on, even though the owner dropped the leash and the dog is running free.

We lived in a four unit building on the lower level. I absolutely loved our apartment… until a new tenant inhabited the unit above ours. The new tenant also had a boyfriend who, apparently, did not like staying at his apartment. I know this because she told me, “Yeah he has his own place but he’s always at mine! It’s kind of annoying!” I so badly wanted to reply, “Haha, is it?! Well I can help you communicate to him that he NEEDS TO GO HOME.” If only she had asked my opinion. He preferred to play World of Warcraft with surround sound BLARING from 5pm until the wee morning hours. Let me tell you this, it is very difficult to enjoy an episode of Mad Men when your living room walls and ceiling fan are vibrating from the sounds of machine guns and bombs exploding.

I would sit on our couch just staring at Dean, my blood pressure reaching it’s boiling point. Dean (bless his soul) is my voice of reason. He knows I have zero tolerance or patience for these types of situations. He has infinite amounts of patience. So I waited for him to give me the nod that says, “Ok, yes I agree the neighbor is being inconsiderate.” One nod from him and I was marching up the stairs to knock on their door and share my thoughts. Most times they wouldn’t even answer their door; but (sometimes) the sounds of gunshots and grenades would fade away to a tolerable rumble.

This all went on for about a year. When we started talking about buying a house, Dean said to me, “If buying a house makes you less crazy, then yes, I want to buy a house.”

Recently I saw this video on blog that I regularly follow. I laughed out loud and just had to share.

While sitting on our deck one of the first few nights after we moved in to our house, we were discussing something and suddenly realized that we were whispering! The quiet took some time to adjust to….. like maybe one week. It’s been peaceful and quiet ever since.

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