snack rat

I’d say about 85% of the day I think about food. What am I going to eat? When am I going to eat? Is there going to be enough to eat?

This all started when I was a kid and every two weeks Carole would arrive home with a carload of goodies from Hy-Vee. She showed up exhausted from her 8 hour workday, 50 minute commute and hour-long grocery stop. I have a totally new appreciation for her doing all that for us now that I have to grocery shop after work. I purposely only go to Trader Joe’s once a week on Tuesday night AFTER spin class, when my blood pressure is low and the crowds are non-existent. Very pleasant way to grocery shop. So Carole would yell up the stairs “GROCERIES!!” which was our cue to get our little behinds down to the garage and haul the bounty for the week to the kitchen. Living above the funeral home meant we had to walk up SIXTEEN STEPS (or THIRTY TWO if you’re counting down and back) just to get to the kitchen. So JP and I, being the experienced pack mules we were, slipped each of our skinny arms through the holes of at least five plastic bags on each arm to minimize the number of times we had to run up and down the stairs. Have you ever seen an 8 year old carrying 10 fully loaded plastic grocery bags up sixteen stairs? It is comical to say the least. You have to balance the weight but move fast enough that a bag doesn’t give out. The combination is tricky. The circulation in our arms was temporarily cut off, but that was a small price to pay for fewer runs to and from the garage. We laid the goods at Carole’s feet as she swiftly put the food away…. but not before JP and I could rummage through the bags picking out the good stuff. The only good thing about Carole doing the grocery shopping after work meant she didn’t have to deal with us heathens slowing her down and sneaking food in to the cart. You know, going to Hy-Vee was a treat for us. That was a fancy grocery store! The Piggly Wiggly in Odessa did not have a deli counter. When Carole brought home fresh crushed pepper turkey and pepper jack cheese slices from the deli counter you had better get your hands on some of it before Harpo does. JP and I would also find the Zebra Cakes – the ONE treat that CJ would splurge on. And whoever carried the bag with the Zebra Cakes was the winner of life until the next grocery run because we hid the box from each other. Such monsters.

This explains my hoarding of food at my day job. I really work up an appetite sitting at that desk running the show all day long. I need easy-to-pack breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Don’t want to get hangry in front of coworkers.

So here are a few recent work snacks that have been getting me through my day…

Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt (I normally buy the 2% but 0% was all that was available that trip) mixed with peanut butter and Jones Family Farm honey. I keep honey and peanut butter at my desk, on hand, at all times. Perfect for pre-workout or breakfast. Fun fact – the honey was harvested by my cousin who has beehives on my parent’s farm in Odessa.IMG_3533

Trader Joe’s trail mix (best pre-workout snack) – and of course I buy the trail mix that has chocolate in it.


Blueberry bars (I also like the Strawberry and Apple) – but these are perfect for breakfast and snacks.


I’d say that I consistently purchase the above items on a weekly basis. It looks like I should be working at Trader Joe’s… confession: I would LOVE to work at Trader Joe’s. The employees are so happy and rocking those Hawaiian shirts. Maybe some day… for now, I’ll keep finding good snacks and sharing with you so that none of us get hangry. Snack on, my rats!

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