those boys in blue

Dean and I are from Odessa… a small town about 30 minutes from Kansas City, MO. And only about 20 minutes from Kauffman stadium (aka the “K”), home of the Kansas City Royals. It’s been tough to be a Royals fan. More games than not, we paid money to see a LOT of losses… but, blue is a good color on me, so I’ve remained loyal. And man, oh man, last October was a LOT of fun. 43COVv16royals_1413910212236_9240426_ver1.0_900_675(source)

I was never allowed to miss school. My dentist appointments were always scheduled at 7AM so that I would be at school on time for the first class. 7am is ridiculously early – especially when the dentist office is 30 minutes from Odessa. But Harpo loved it (can’t resist a Harpo story) because it meant he could get breakfast at Burger King. You know what Harpo loves as much as corn on the cob? Greasy heart-attack breakfast. Actually, now that I type this, my brother and I loved it too because we didn’t have a Burger King in Odessa and the BK sausage, egg and cheese on croissant with hash browns is da bomb. We would be grumpy about the appointment but all anger was forgotten when we pulled up to Burger King (after waiting the recommended 30 minutes post fluoride mouth rinse of course).

ANYWAYS – what I’m getting at is that we could never skip school unless KC Royals opening day was on a school day. Because Carole Jones loves baseball and beer and opening day at the “K”. She would take a day off work and take us to the game. BEST. MOM. EVER. (She’s reading this right now just proud as punch).

Another perk of Grandma’s house in Sun City? It is only 10 minutes from Royals spring training. Every day we head to Surprise for $8 lawn seats (or $25 front row seats behind the dugout).

IMG_4355 IMG_4358Somebody was stoked to be reunited with the boys in blue.IMG_4362IMG_3392

Doesn’t get much better than a Friday night ball game with CJ.IMG_3396I mentioned it was hot in Arizona…. like SURFACE OF THE SUN HOT. But when the seats behind home plate are only $25, it is worth it to bake in the sun for a few hours. Though I had to buy a XXL Colorado Rockies t-shirt for $10 to sit on because I got third degree burns when my legs touched the seats.

I was sweating like Harpo on a hot humid Missouri day. A few cold beers were just what was needed. And a LOT of water bottle refills and a gatorade.IMG_3408


I gave Ned Yost a few pointers and in exchange, he recommended a good pellet gun that I plan to purchase to wage war on the squirrels raiding my bird feeder. No, that didn’t really happen. But I did reach my fingers through the netting to tap Ned on his right shoulder so he’d turn and then I popped up on his left and said GOTCHA NED! I’m such a prankster.IMG_3457Got our Royals fix and now we’re ready for a game at the “K”. Why not us…. again?! We shall see.IMG_3360

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