crime, murder and my imagination

I’m not one to watch murder mystery “who done it” type shows. I am aware there are bad people out there doing bad things; but I am more aware that it is a very bad idea to feed my wild imagination with true crime stories. Example – when Dean is out of town, I sleep with a hammer, flathead screwdriver and a knife next to me. Last time I was sleeping in the house alone I walked around for 30 minutes practicing my defense attack with the screwdriver in my right hand and the hammer in the left. Had my moves all planned out – I’d give the bad guy a sick one-two punch. First stab him/her (you never know!) in the side with the flathead and the come down with a TKO with the hammer. I was actually sore the next day from repeatedly making these moves. Yes, we live in a very pleasant low crime neighborhood… but in those shows 98% of the time that’s where the psycho commits the crime. Um, Jeffrey Dahmer?? I even let Chuck and Bella sleep in the room with me. Now that’s even more shocking than the collection of tools I keep within arm’s reach because we never let those flea bags sleep in our room (seriously they had fleas a few months ago and I’ve banned them). Do not feel badly for them when you read that because they basically have their own apartment in the basement, complete with TempurPedic dog beds that are the size of a twin-sized mattress. IMG_2916

A few months ago I got hooked on True Detective. Have you seen it? I was initially intrigued to watch because of Mr. McConaughey (mama LIKE). Then the storyline pulled me in like a moth to the flame. We binge watched the first 4 episodes on a Sunday evening and if I wasn’t such a stickler about my eight hours of sleep, I would have stayed up all night to finish it. SO GOOD. Watch it. Now, I did have nightmares for a few nights, but totally worth it.

So a few weeks ago Dean tells me he has a new HBO show that we need to watch. I asked if Matthew McConaughey (or another equally attractive man) was in it and he said no. Bummer. It is a documentary miniseries about a real man from a very wealthy family with a super sketchy past. Ehhhh I was skeptical. Dean does what he normally does when I say I don’t want to watch… he turns the show on because he knows I can’t resist. It’s like a train wreck and I cannot look away. And I’m so glad I didn’t. The show is called “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst“. I knew nothing of Robert Durst before this show. And I’m certainly glad he does not know me. We just finished the miniseries and ho-ly cow it was good. Now I want to watch the movie that was directed by Andrew Jarecki (who created the HBO miniseries) and got this whole thing started. I mean, All Good Things at least has Ryan Gosling in it, so there’s that. That boy won’t give me nightmares no matter how creepy/scary his character is. ryan-gosling-cover-nologo

And the latest on Bob Durst? Not lookin’ too good for him.

4 thoughts on “crime, murder and my imagination

  1. Kim, you were in my dream last night, and their were scary intruders. You ran off, because you’re so fit, and let me behind to fend them off with only a rock.. I survived thankfully. Enjoy your posts!! Aunt Jane


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