For the past 25 years, in the corner of my Grandma Barb’s living room sits a loyal and trusted friend. Meet my Grandma’s dog, Linda.

My family visits Grandma Barb in Sun City, Arizona, every year. This statue lassie dog has been in her living room for as long as I can remember. Since I grew up in a house above a funeral home, our family never owned a dog. As a kid having this dog was the next best thing in my book! With my wild imagination this lassie dog was pretty real to me. I talked to it, petted it and fed it. It was difficult to walk it, but I made it work. What were my parents doing while I was sitting in the corner whispering to the statue dog? Probably thinking about buying a statue dog to keep at home so I would shut up about getting a dog.

In Odessa, just down the alley from the funeral home was a little house with a chain linked fence. Inside the backyard was a very cute beagle puppy. I was convinced that beagle puppy was my friend. He probably liked me so much because I snuck to his yard every day and fed him. Yes, I took lunch meat, crackers, carrots, whatever I could find to this puppy every day for about three weeks. My dad kept a coin organizer on a shelf in our kitchen. On occasion, I would take quarters, nickels and dimes to Casey’s General Store and buy canned dog food for this puppy. Through the chain linked fence I would buy this puppy’s love and affection through mass quantities of food. Until one day, the owner caught me and yelled out the window, “STOP FEEDING THE PUPPY!!” You would have thought that dog bit me because I took off running at lightening speed back to my house.

As soon as I could (probably before I should have – ok most definitely before I should have) I adopted a real dog. Bella was Dean and I’s first dog which I stupidly adopted while I was in college. Stupid for two reasons: (1) I was in college and had plenty of responsibilities… like, um, graduating and (2) Bella was the most challenging devil-monster-of-a-puppy that has EVER LIVED. She tested every ounce of patience that Dean and I had, not to mention the patience of our roommates. And now that I’m thinking about this, (3) bad idea because Dean and I went to separate colleges. So we had joint custody over this hellion puppy. You would think we would have learned our lessons, but we adopted Chuck a few years ago. We love those dummies though. I use the term ‘dummy’ in the most affection and loving way. I love all dogs!

Which brings me back to Grandma’s house. While visiting I was reunited with my dear companion. Trusty ole’ lassie. I scooped her up in my arms and coddled her the way I did when I was eight years old. IMG_3425When grandma saw me holding the dog she said, “You better be careful with Linda! I’ve had her for 25 years!” I lost it and laughing I said, “Linda?!” Why would she name the statute dog Linda? She just shrugged and said, “That’s her name.”

And here are the antics that ensued after my cousin Lauren and I learned that our favorite lassie dog’s name was Linda.

Linda still knows all her tricks. She is the smartest dog.

You will be very impressed to know that Linda also knows commands in Japanese. 

But Linda is still sneaky and is always getting on the bed! Bad Linda!

But how can you say “no” to Linda? IMG_3429

Just a disclaimer – this all occurred around 7:30PM on a Saturday in Sun City, AZ. My cousin, Grandma and I know how to party!

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