second job

I work full time as a project manager in Corporate America.  Can’t really speak to what the Project Manager title entails because I just started a few weeks ago. I imagine I will be the MASTER OF A PROJECT at some point in the future. For now they have me on a tight leash and I’m learning to sit and stay.

After college up until a month ago my job title was “Auditor”. My mom always tells me she would love to be an auditor because when auditors show up at the hospital where she works they say “jump” and she says, “how high?! how far?! what shoes should I wear?!” She assumed I had that same power – HA. Her auditors make demands and she is at their beckon call. I do not want to be known as the bossy auditor who shows up unexpectedly to interrupt your work schedule and ruin your week. Now dance, monkey, dance!


This shows you how sick CJ can be. She loves her some of dat power. She used it on my brother and I daily (who am I kidding – she still does). Not all unnecessary on her part – we were little monsters most of the time. I will say, she was firm and fair.  But I would NOT want to be working for her. She’s a ball buster and puts up with nothing. Her as an auditor would be even scarier. My very good friend actually works at the hospital with my mom and tells me, “dude, people respect and fear your mom.” And to that, my brother and I say WELCOME TO THE CLUB PEOPLE!

I cannot look people in the eye and fake authority…especially if it is on subject matter that I do not care about. Which leads me to my second job. I am a certified Spinning instructor. I have been taking Spinning classes since I was a freshman in college so I figured why not get paid to do it? Give me a microphone and music and I will OWN authority over an audience of individuals who crazy enough to listen to me. Kinda like this guy.


Ok, Spinning class is NOT like this, but if it wouldn’t freak the students out I would totally be as outwardly amped as this guy. WAY more energy than an auditor! What if this instructor is actually an auditor? ah-maz-ing. I really want to be friends with him. I spend a lot of time putting together playlists and challenging class profiles. In my mind the students who take my class call me Kick A Kim because I give them the sweat. of. their. lives. I also try to high-five everyone each week, but that doesn’t always go so well. If you have a Spinning bike at your gym and want to try a profile I’ve put together, I’ll share them here. Here are some songs that I use in class (you can look all these up on Spotify or youtube):

  • Dangerous (feat Joywave) by Big Data
  • Up We Go by LIGHTS
  • Geronimo by Sheppard
  • Steal My Girl Remix by One Direction (that one guy quit the band?! RIP One Direction)
  • Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child (Queen Bey is in all of my playlists)
  • I Lived-Arty Remix by OneRepublic
  • Feel So Close by Calvin Harris
  • Anywhere For You by John Martin
  • All The Way by Timeflies
  • Keep Moving by Sultan

If you have Spotify, you can follow my playlists under my profile Kim Jones.

If you’re interested in trying a class, I teach at the Center of Clayton on Tuesday night at 6pm. There are a lot of great instructors and classes at Center of Clayton that I recommend. Yoga, TRX, Total Body Conditioning and Spinning to name a few. You do not have to be a member of the Center to take classes. The class prices for non-members are reasonable (anywhere from $5/class for Spinning to $10/class for TRX). Sessions are eight weeks long.

So go get yo’ spin on people!

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