nonfiction no thank you

I came home last night to two new books waiting for me in the mailbox. Which always makes me so happy. Have you guys read these?

cat_coverrequestAh yes, most people would call these catalogs. I call them books. Love collecting these goodies during the week and then binge reading on Sunday with coffee. Non-fiction material is not for me. I remember when I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain and the hip cool thing was discussing world headline news, politics, business blah blah bleep bleep bloop. I do not know who started this, but there were plenty of American students there trying to impress the European teachers and students. I had zero interest in discussing nonfiction anything, let alone reading nonfiction material. But you know what I did?! I purchased newspapers and FAKE READ THEM. To what?! Look cool?! I definitely was NOT impressing anyone. Here I am, broke college girl with barely enough money to buy myself lunch and I’m spending four euros on Financial Times to pretend like I can speak to the weakening dollar and world economy. Here’s another idiotic decision (which present day Kim looks back on and shakes her head NO at past Kim) – not only did I buy newspapers, sometimes I bought them in Spanish. This is completely laughable because I can barely speak Spanish, let alone read complex news stories in Spanish. I have a hard enough time following a complex news story in english. But here’s Kim, sitting in the campus quad (fake) reading Financial Times like she knows what the hell is going on. Now does it makes more sense why I consider a catalog to be reading material?

Eleven years after studying abroad, I know myself better. I happily accept and admit that I am not a brainiac who wants to read about the stability of the economy. So I’ve wised up and now have Sirius XM radio with the HLN channel. Robin Meade (so darn spunky and lovable in my opinion) gives me the run down on the news and I listen thoughtfully while I sip my coffee during my morning commute. This is for me. This is not for everyone. If you are like Dean and watch PBS Nightly Business Report and PBS Newshour, hats off and a slow clap to you.

Boy do I love a good fiction book – preferably with a love story, or murder/suspense or heartbreaking tale of loss. I’m a complete sucker for a love story. These are some of my recent favorites:

  • Outlander – I have recommended this book to many gal pals of mine. The entire series is good. Like SO GOOD. I will warn you – the first ~200 pages are kind of slow. Persevere and get through those 200ish pages and THANK ME LATER.  And if you would like a visual to bring the characters to life (trust me – you do), watch the TV Series.
  • Fall of Giants (Book One of the Century Trilogy) – If my high school history teacher had just made me read this book I would have retained a lot more about World War I.
  • Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me – Oh Mindy Kaling, the magnificent and marvelous woman who is so honest about who she is and makes no apologies for it. Like most who read this book, I laughed out loud and related to soooo many of her stories. When I read the chapter about choosing a Whitney Houston song to karaoke too, it brought tears to my eyes.

I have a few books lined up for myself. First up, Yes Please by Amy Poehler. Then Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. And, of course, Spring 2015 West Elm. Heard that’s gonna be a good one.

5 thoughts on “nonfiction no thank you

  1. FYI…I really enjoy reading your blog. You seem like a very active person which means you must eat healthy. Do you mind sharing a day of what kimjbow eats? Or maybe some great healthy recipes your recommend. Thanks and keep up the good work!


  2. Yo Cool Girl Kim! This is Jenn, Deano’s co-worker.

    I have the Outlander series on my “To Read” list (which is a completely un-dorky thing to have) and I’m pumped to get your stamp of approval! It’s officially been moved to the top.

    I’m also totes obsessed with Mindy (Best. Show. Eva.) and the manager at West Elm knows me by name.

    So in conclusion, this blog is clearly aimed at me personally. Thanks.


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