My mental stability is always in a somewhat fragile state. As I said before, this Libra gal needs balance. Exercise is essential to maintaining my balance. Certainly not for everyone, but does the trick for me.

Me after a few days with sans exerciseangry-cat-o

I am the off-spring of two very active individuals. Carole Jones started taking me to her weekly aerobics class when I was 7 years old. CJ has always had a long commute to/from work, but you best believe she hauled ass to be at aerobics at McQuerry Elementary by 7PM. And if you made her late, there would be hell to pay. You do not mess with CJ’s workout regime.

My brother and I went to step aerobics with our mom – mostly because we lived above a funeral home and there wasn’t much to entertain us. Lord knows we didn’t have cable and we would do ANYTHING to avoid our dad making us do manual labor. Let’s see, go to step aerobics with mom or be forced to vacuum the funeral home after a visitation? STEP AEROBICS PLEASE.

Then there’s my dad, Harpo. He is a whole other animal that I could write a book about. For now, I’ll note two things about the man, the myth, the legend. He goes 150MPH out the gate all day ‘er day. He sweats like his life depends on it. Harpo used to go jogging when he was younger and do you think he wore a t-shirt and shorts like most middle-aged men? Oh heck no. Harpo Jones wears a sweatshirt and sweatpants under a trash bag shirt and windbreaker pants IN JULY for the most ultimate sweat/borderline heart attack. Bradley Cooper “Silver Linings Playbook” style. So lucky for me (and Dean), I have inherited those two not-at-all-annoying-or-gross-traits. Here is a picture of Harpo “tearin’ in to” our backyard in STL shortly after we moved in. He tore all that down with his bare hands. IMG_1097

I said I would talk about Class Pass. Two things: (1) I am easily bored, and (2) I need/want an instructor to tell me what to do. I am not the type of person who can go to a gym and work out on my own. I cannot and will not focus. I usually end up watching other people work out and trying to copy them.  giphy-2 For $80/month you can go to any of the 20-something participating STL (Class Pass is available in other cities) studios/gyms a max of three times over a period of 30 days.

At first I thought “$80?! Class Pass, are you out of your CP mind?!” Class Pass said, “Kim, you adorable doll face, these participating studios charge anywhere from $10-$22 for a single class.” I’m pret-ty good at math so here I go – three classes at Shred415 and three classes at The Bar Method, would cost around $120 total. Annnndddd when I signed up Class Pass was offering a promotional deal of TWO months for $80. BOO YAH.

I’ve tried The Bar Method, Yoga Six, Shred 415, D’s Yoga, and TITLE Boxing Club. Typically I had to sign up for classes 1 or 2 days in advance, otherwise classes fill up and you’re S.O.L. You can cancel up to 12 hours (may vary by studio, but I think that’s the norm) before the class with no late charge/penalty. If you cancel outside of that 12 hour window, or if you no-show, Class Pass will charge your account $20 (wah-wah).  Class Pass knows how to make a flake like me shut up and show up.

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