mom look what I did!

If I were 10 and my mom was here with me I’d be saying, “mom, mom, mom, mom, MOM MOM MOM LOOK AT THIS!!” ho-ly woah. I have a domain name on the internet. Like whaaaaat? Only cost me five payments of $99.95. From the very limited research I did before starting this thing up, that seems like a real bargain.

When I told Dean (my husband) I was starting a blog he stared at me, his mind racing trying to think of the right words to say. I ask what he’s thinking. His response? “I just know that this blog of yours is not going to be the kind of blog I’d ever want to read.” Then he back pedals and says, “But I’ll read it… because you’re my wife.” Guarantee you he won’t read it.

So I can’t give you a rundown of what’s to come… but the kimjbow show will provide some entertainment. Hope you come back for more.

2 thoughts on “mom look what I did!

    1. Haha when my mom read this she called me to yell at me for spending that much. My mom doesn’t understand my sarcasm in writing. And she doesn’t know that WordPress is free. Silly Carole.


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